Barbecue Accessories

Silicone Side Shelf Mat 2
In Stock
Napoleon Side Shelf Mat 70122
Heat resistant silicone protective mat featuring Napoleon's iconic WAVE™ pattern...
charcuterie board
In Stock
Napoleon Charcuterie Board 70112
Durable Acacia Wood Board Large size to serve delectable charcuterie...
squeeze bottles
In Stock
Napoleon 16oz Squeeze Bottles 70058
Designed for plancha and griddle grilling Fill one bottle with...
stainless steel multi topper
In Stock
Napoleon Stainless Steel Multi-functional Topper 70026
All in One Grill Topper Includes Cedar Plank Perforated Side...
cast iron reversible griddle
In Stock
Napoleon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle 56425
Fits Rogue® 425-1, 525-1 & 625-1 and Freesyle Made from...
Cast Iron Dessert Cooker
In Stock
Napoleon Cast Iron Dessert Cooker 56054
4-inch (10cm) diameter, ideal for strudel, pie and other luscious...
3in1 Roasting Rack 56019-3
In Stock
Napoleon 3 in 1 Roasting Rack 56019
Large Grease Drip Tray (62008) Fits Underneath Premium Stainless Steel...
62140 proheat resistant gloves
In Stock
Napoleon Pro Heat Resistant Gloves 62140
Black and Grey Suede Protects Hands and Forearms Secure Grip...
62006 Grease tray
In Stock
Napoleon Disposable Grease Tray for Travel Q (Pack of 5) #62006
Conveniently Dispose in Recycling Easy to Replace Fits all TravelQ™...
56008 sizzle platter
In Stock
Napoleon Cast Iron Sizzle Platter #56008
Non-stick Removable Handle Versatile Platter
Napoleon Cast Iron Chefs Press 56056
In Stock
Napoleon Cast Iron Chef’s Press #56056
A cast iron press is a kitchen essential providing quick...
Kit 7 S87001
In Stock
Napoleon Burner and Sear Plates #S87001
Replacement for a single burner on Rogue® Series and Prestige®...