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Honeywell honeywell

offers programable thermostats of different styles and duration from 1 day programable to 7 day programable. Some are Wi-Fi enabled.
Non-programable is available as digital or manual operation.
There are thermostats for PRO installation and DIY.

Change the colour display to match your home's decor. Interview-based programming - pratically programs itstelf. Connects to the Internet, displays Outdoor condtions and offers Portable Comfort Control. (PRO installation).

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Simplicity and Value That's Easy To See - And Easy To Program.

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Honeywell non-programmable digital thermostatA non-programmable thermostat provides simple control of your heating and cooling system. Set it to the temperature you want and adjust it up or down as desired.

Honeywell has manufactured non-programmable thermostats for over 100 years. Our T87 Round® Thermostat is one of the most recognized products in the world. It's even in the Smithsonian Institute for design excellence.

Choose from digital models with large, backlit screens that are easy to read and use, or non-digital models with simple adjustment and operation.

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Scroll down the list to see all of the non-programmable digital and manual models.

Winter Watchman

Used as a freeze warning device. Completes circuit to household lamp on temperature fall, indicating inoperative heating equipment.

These are great for cottages-you plug them in and the light comes on if the house/cottage goes below a certain temperature.



• Plugs directly into wall outlet.
• Lamp plugs into receptacle at bottom of Winter Watchman device.
• Useful when house is unoccupied to notify a neighbor of a temperature drop so heating source fault can be rectified before freeze-up occurs.
• Not precision calibrated for use as a thermostat.


View a video on the Winter Watchman:

white rodgers thermostats

Whether you're in need of a programmable or non-programmable thermostat or a premium touchscreen thermostat, White-Rodgers leads the industry in innovative thermostat function and design.

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