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Furnaces are available in a variety of fuel burning & style options. View the fuel burning option and supplier brand for examples and product information.

wood FUELED Furnace brands by:, napoleon, Granby,NewMAC, valley comfort


HMF-100Wood burning furnace by Napoleion

Traditional meets Innovation - wOOD fURNACE

An efficient heating source for smaller homes, large garages, open areas, and cottage life-style.
Granby Oil FurnacesGranby- WOOD FUELED FURNACES


lowboy oil furnace

view 9200 gas furnace by Napoleon




Granby Industries manufactures and distributes a full range of oil-fired, wood-fired and electric residential furnaces that respond to today’s energy and environmental challenges with higher efficiency products that produce less greenhouse gases and save money.

Many models to choose from.


Newmac Furnacesnewmac WOOD FUELED furnaces

Key Features include:

Engineered Stainless Steel Baffle designed to increase firebox temperature to burn particulates and gases resulting in cleaner burn and very low emission rates

Wood provides the lowest heating cost (Efficiency Nova Scotia) of any fuel and a satisfying heat

wood fueled furnace by Newmac

Valley Comfort Wood Fueled Furnace valley comfort wood fueled furnaces

Wood fueled furnace by Valley Comfort

Valley Comfort’s new APEX-CBT, Catalytic indoor furnace is the first furnace to meet and exceed testing requirements of the rigid B415. test standard. The B415 test standard measures both overall efficiency as well as emissions. You’ll be impressed with the test results:

Other Models include the MP80 Wood Burning Furnace

and the VC 120 High Efficiency Furnace - Wood only or add-on to Gas, Electric or Oil